Radiography in 2D, 2.5D or 3D is commonly used in the automotive sector for manufacturing and quality assurance. Classical applications include the sectors of electronics, plastics, hybrid and casted materials. Our expertise in radiography reaches from the smallest parts, like lead frames, solder joints, and crimp or plug-in connections, to medium sized parts, like spark plugs, exhaust sensors and pumps, up to cylinder heads, motors or complete body parts.

We offer innovative, reliable and efficient solutions for a broad spectrum of problems, covering defect and functionality analysis, initial sampling and part-to-CAD comparison for research and development projects.

We have the capability to analyze 100% of your parts to assist in your production process.

Our tremendous experience ensures a high quality result and the functionality of your goods. We analyze your products following industrial and international standards, as well as your specific requirements.

If your company is facing high quality requirements in the automotive sector, we are your reliable partner. Single parts or series production. We use the best methods and give detailed documentation of the results.

With our trained personal and modern equipment, we safely test relevant parts to the highest standards.

For the automotive sector, a broad spectrum of non-destructive testing can be considered:

Matching solutions

2D / 2.5D X-Ray imaging

The two-dimensional X-Ray analysis is the fastest and most cost-efficient method of X-Ray imaging.

3D object scanning

Using the modern optical scanning technology, even complex surface structures, are detected quickly, precisely and cost-effectively…

Eddy current testing

Through the use of eddy current testing, fractures or inhomogeneities propagating from the surface of electric or conducting parts can be detected.

Endoscopy & videoscopy

Highly flexible and inflexible endoscopy. With our smallest endoscopes / videoscopes we can enter new areas which have previously been out of reach.

Computer tomography

High-resolution images, slices and fly-through videos for mechanic and electronic products

Ultrasonic inspection

Non-destructive testing by ultrasonic inspection is based on the emission of high-frequency sound waves. Their characteristic reflection is detected by a search unit and subsequently analyzed using special instruments.

3D Druck & Rapid Prototyping

Nicht nur als weitergehende Dienstleistung zu unseren 3D-Objekterfassung bieten wir auch mit unseren 3D-Druckern die Möglichkeit die Messergebnisse plastisch darzustellen…

Dye-penetrant technique

In order to detect surface fissures below 1 µm (as fine as a single hair) dye-penetrant techniques are suitable, whether a part is analyzed in our lab or on-site at your location…