Special machinery construction

XRAY-LAB project presentation @ VolumeGraphics USer Group Meeting 2017

XRAY-LAB at the VolumeGraphics User Group Meeting

1024 768 xray lab - Industrielle Röntgenanlyse und 3D Computertomographie (CT)

On 13th and 14th September, VolmeGraphics will celebrate its 20th anniversary with its fifth User Group Meeting. The XRAY-LAB is very proud to present a current machine construction project as one of five partners in the Heidelberger Druckakademie. Using an XRAY-LAB Inline CT system  the entire production of this part can be tested. Up to 3,600 components per hour are…

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Special machine construction and RoboCT

1024 512 xray lab - Industrielle Röntgenanlyse und 3D Computertomographie (CT)

Special requirements require special equipment. Here you are right with us. We offer standard machines for 2D and 3D as well as special machines for series, inline and special tests. The advantages at a glance 100% quality control 100% Automatic software-based error detection Costs* * in comparison to an industrial lab CT-scanner Portalanlage mit automatisierter Bestückung RoboCT mit PolyCT zur Prüfung von…

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